Binance Review 2018

This company gained its popularity through hitting through the market to become among the top three in exchanges. However, before we can be able to convince you why Binance has been a headache for most companies, we have to ensure that we have provided you with valid background information about the company and how it became what we have today. For this to be realized, we have to engage the entire rise of the same and to look at the pros and cons before giving the reasons why.

Binance initially operated from Tokyo as the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. After its birth, a group of supporting army of investors flooded in. this made a fast yet quality growth of the company towards the bitcoin exchange.


Having risen over $15 million privately, Binance revolution was by ICO and selling BNB coins. Binance is one of the world’s known cryptocurrency exchange platform after bringing together people with a common thought. Coordination was through the objectives of availing a stronger, faster, and unique cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Binance entered the market through consideration of the trade discount it offered in reducing halves from year one when the discount was 50% to 25% the following year and the flow continues. Unverified users have the opportunity to withdraw 2BTC daily and this makes Binance stand out in World Bank ranking for cryptocurrency trade.


  • Faster and user-friendly transactions
  • Faster verification
  • High security
  • Available on different OS
  • Support different languages
  • Globally available
  • Vast new token support during pre-sale


  • No fiat pair transaction
  • IOS is not in App Store
  • Express personal activity history for viewing
  • Can be hard for newcomers to navigate


Binance does not hold any regulatory agencies. The platform is open for cryptocurrency trade but not fiat pair transaction.


In terms of global ranking, Binance is among the best #247. Binance attracted 88% new user in January 2018 compared to previous month a total of about 380 million users.

Binance is a China-based cryptocurrency exchange but the majority of users are from the US (24%) and Turkey (8.3%).


In binance, we have an understanding of what it takes to utilize the social media to draw users to our platform. The best is YouTube with around 38%, Facebook with 27% and Twitter comes third with 16% input.


The registration process in Binance is simple;

  1. Sign-up process– first users follow a simple and easy to follow signup process to have access to Binance
  2. Identification and verification– in this process, for ease and flexibility in carrying on transaction user go through the identification process. 2FA authentication code through SMS is sent, after feeding one uploads photo ID and a selfie having a passport on hand.
  • Coin transfer– after going through with the above you then transfer your coins to Binance for trade.


Binance supports a vast number of cryptocurrency and ICO token available. Recently the number of supported coins is at 250 crypto coins. Agreement to list a significant number of ICO tokens makes the platform have high traffic push. If you are willing to buy ICO token Binance has different types of ICO tokens in the platform.


Binance crypto exchange is highly ranked in sustaining a significant number of user and providing faster and transactions cheaply. It gained popularity due to the low trade fee and BNB kickbacks.


Binance stands among the best in cryptocurrency exchange industry offering a trade fee of 0.1%. With time Binance has the intention to lower the trade fee to 0.05% for BNB pair. The price will allude to market dominance with the best and high number of users.


Binance is driven by the objective of reaching out to customer needs. The site has FAQ sections whereby frequently asked questions and answered and posted for customer access. The customers can reach out support team via system support ticked and have their issue solved within the lowest time possible. There is instant feedback


Binance has impressive trade fee unlike other competitor and this makes it the best in cryptocurrency exchange. If the dream of reducing trade fee comes true Binance will control the crypto market by attracting a significant number of user with over 80% of users using it.

Used from 2017. I have never faced problems in withdrawal or deposits. Five stars are worthy the site though sometimes in January the system froze on me.

Hade minor issues of freezing exchange caused by maintenance but successful deposits and withdrawals afterward were recorded. I had a problem with mail authentication but not today. The charts are best and new user verification is superb since they can withdraw 2 BTC. It is excellent. Five stars.

Just hit the button and you are done. They offer the best verification. Best site to lean on

Binance is not a scam but trick to use. Requires high tech knowledge to operate, Easy in and out cash transfer and best for trade, Do not pay full reliance on the site to consider others.