Download Office 2013 portable – instant use with USB without installing


Microsoft Office 2013 Portable

Download and get free Microsoft Office 2013 Portable for instant using with USB without installing. This is the full version.

As you know, Office 2013, also known under the name Office 15. That is the 15th edition that Microsoft marketed. With a range of innovative features inevitable trend of the technology, which is able to work smoothly as on the newer computer. Ie ability to roll smoothly, all operations within the framework of the office are giving users a great feeling on the whole. Everything is smooth to hard to imagine, however, many discerning users suggest that this improvement makes them lose time waiting. That is like the previous version, when you click on an Excel cell, it will instantly choose immediately, however, with this version of Office 2013, it still takes some time of 0.2 seconds to execute a command “smooth” makes users feel it slippery. Though, if you do not like, you can turn off this feature. There’s not that difficult at all.

Attractive features in Office 2013

As noted above, the ability to roll smoothly, work flexibility within the framework of the office in 2013 as a strength. Remaining other features like syncing to your Microsoft account, accompanied OneNote feature is also pretty hot. Especially if you use the full they will experience the program comes incredibly useful, for components like entrepreneurs. Whether you are a student, you can fully use it for free.

Microsoft Office 2013 full version (Portable) – Free download

Small size + no need of installing, you can copy Office 2013 Portable into USB and bring anywhere & any computer for work.

472.51 MB

The interface is quite friendly, leaving the computer interface makes the program transparent operation supported consuming fewer resources. Actions open program is almost identical with that opening windows 8.

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